Keep the property, receive monthly payments, and lock in your sale price

Our #1 preferred strategy, a real estate lease option benefits sellers in several ways:

  1. Income Generation: Sellers can generate rental income from the tenant during the lease period, helping cover mortgage payments and property expenses.

  2. Higher Sale Price: Sellers can secure a higher sale price by setting a predetermined purchase price or using a formula to calculate it at the end of the lease term, capitalizing on potential property value appreciation.

  3. Reduced Maintenance Responsibilities: Tenants are typically responsible for day-to-day maintenance and repairs, relieving sellers of ongoing upkeep costs.

  4. Minimized Holding Costs: Rental income from the tenant helps cover property taxes, insurance, and other expenses, reducing the financial burden on sellers.

  5. Preserved Equity: Sellers retain ownership and potential future appreciation while generating income from the property.

  6. Flexible Exit Strategy: If the tenant doesn't exercise the option to purchase, sellers can retain the property for rental income or pursue other selling options.

A real estate lease option provides sellers with financial benefits, flexibility, and the potential for a higher sale price while minimizing maintenance responsibilities and holding costs.